New this harvest

2-Day Payment terms

We’re enhancing your security – and we’re committed to paying you fast.

Trade with GrainCorp and you’ll be paid promptly: in just two working days.

Speak with your local GrainCorp Grain Marketer to find out more about our 2-Day Payment Terms.

Free storage and smarter agreements

An extra month’s free storage

Here's some good news: when you deliver into the GrainCorp storage network this harvest, you will receive up to one extra month’s grain storage – completely free of charge.

This means no storage charges will be incurred during the month you deliver, PLUS the following two months.

Transfers at weighbridge

The collapse of several buyers last harvest – and the financial hardship this caused affected growers – underlines the risks facing grain producers.

Growers have asked for greater protection in what will likely be another challenging season in most regions.

So, this harvest we’re offering the option of Secured Payments for transfer at weighbridge when you trade with Approved Buyers on CropConnect.

Secured Payments gives you protection, transparency and control.

You now have three ways to transfer securely for cash at weighbridge:

1. On CropConnect.

Sign up here to ensure you can transfer your grain with transparency, control and security from the weighbridge, accessing Secured Payments when you trade with Approved Buyers.

Tickets are available for transfer in CropConnect in minutes and prices are published hourly.

Note: if you will be transferring via CropConnect, it's essential that you inform your freight provider in advance to warehouse your grain.

2. By calling the Grower Services Hotline on 1800 809 482.

Our support team can issue your ticket immediately.

3. By speaking with your team at the weighbridge.

A more secure way to trade

Secured Payments on CropConnect

Drought, volatile markets and pressure on cashflow make it critical to secure a level of protection for the grain you produce.

New this harvest, CropConnect Secured Payments delivers the control and protection you require when trading.

By trading with Approved Buyers via Secured Payments on CropConnect, you’re guaranteed full payment within the buyer’s terms – or your grain title returned.

And in choosing a Secured Payment trade with GrainCorp, you also benefit from GrainCorp’s 2-Day payment terms.

Secured Payments are exclusive to CropConnect. 

Sign up here to get started.

* Two days from the end of that trading week.

Enhanced online security

CropConnect is committed to protecting your online data as well as the grain you produce.

Following a recent review, we have revised CropConnect’s Terms of Use, further enhancing your protection. If you haven’t logged-in to CropConnect recently, you will be prompted to acknowledge these revised Terms of Use.

FastWeigh grain sampling

We've brought the power of digital connectivity to grain sampling at your local site.

Quick, accurate and convenient, FastWeigh analyses your grain sample and digitises the result instantly – helping to speed up the delivery process.

This data is transferred instantly from the sample stand computer to your delivery docket.

One tap at each stage transfers your data, reducing manual data entry and streamlining harvest deliveries.

This data identifies you and your load – and if you’re a CropConnect user it places your grain directly on to the CropConnect marketplace.

All this from just one point of data entry!

New storage & handling agreement

To give you up to one month's additional free storage, protect the quality of your grain and improve outloading efficiency, we’ve improved our Storage & Handling agreement.

Malt barley and pulses require extra TLC to grow and store, so we’re streamlining the post-harvest and in-season testing and classification processes to protect the quality you produce and buyers require.

Want to speak with someone about this?

Please call 1800 809 482 for assistance.

Faster, easier services

Your local Grower Services team

Our expert Grower Services team in your region ensures you’re dealing with people who have local knowledge and capacity to get business done faster.

Need to talk trading with your local Grain Marketer?

Call 1800 809 482 and we’ll help you connect.

Do you have delivery and/or site operations queries?

Find your Area Manager or Site Manager here or call the Grower Services Team on 1800 809 482.

For all these queries and general enquiries, we’re waiting to take your call on 1800 809 482.

Our commitment to you

GrainCorp’s services connect growers with local and international markets.

It’s why we talk with our customers to establish exactly what they want from us. The improvements we’re introducing this harvest are linked directly to the results of extensive grower surveys and feedback you’ve given our people in the field.

The new, grower-driven developments for this coming harvest form a substantial upgrade to our services and operations:

  • Up to one month’s extra storage;
  • CropConnect Secured Payments;
  • Settlement security at weighbridge transfers;
  • GrainCorp 2-Day Payment terms;
  • Enhanced user security on CropConnect;
  • Simple, quick inload with FastWeigh digitised grain sampling;

Our commitment to you is that we listen and act to improve our service to your business.

Please call us on 1800 809 482 to talk about how we can work together.

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