Sell your Grain

Get paid in two days – too right!

  • Payment in two business days
  • Eligible for Secured Payments
  • Accurate transfers are key
  • Your local Grain Marketer can help

GrainCorp led the industry to five-day payment terms.

We’ve further reduced the trade-to-payment period to just two business days.

This means growers selling 2019/2020-season grain to GrainCorp will receive payment within two business days.

And when you opt for Secured Payments with GrainCorp on CropConnect, you can enjoy 2-Day payment terms and a guarantee of full payment or your grain title returned.

The move to rapid payment comes in response to customer feedback: GrainCorp acknowledges that to remain competitive, we must service your changing needs.

Please note: in order to achieve the two-day payment term, transfers must be completed accurately using a registered NGR number onto the correct GrainCorp contract, or on CropConnect or via cash-pricing at the GrainCorp weighbridge.

Speak with your local GrainCorp Grain Marketer to find out more about our 2-Day Payment Terms.

CropConnect: a fast, secure way to trade

As east-coast Australia’s largest secure online marketplace, CropConnect gives you a powerful and convenient way to manage, sell and buy your warehoused grain.

Connect to local and international markets via an easy-to-use digital 'dashboard' and a mobile-enabled web platform.

And this harvest, CropConnect offers Secured Payments when you trade with Approved Buyers, where you are guaranteed either payment in full or your grain title returned.

Not a CropConnect user? Register for free and get your piece of the trading action.

Start enjoying the benefits

  • Secured Payments when you trade with Approved Buyers
  • Access domestic and international markets anytime, anywhere;
  • Set the price you want for your grain;
  • View and compare bids, then sell your grain in a few simple steps.

Get CropConnect on mobile and tablet

Now you can trade anytime, anywhere

Watch the market in real time

  • Monitor your holdings. 
  • Market and sell your grain.

The Graincorp app with CropConnect is a one-stop-shop where you can monitor your holdings and market your grain from wherever you are, on mobile or tablet.

By downloading the GrainCorp app or visiting you immediately access the marketing power of CropConnect, giving you the option to manage remotely, in real time.

Useful features make business easier

  • Monitor truck rego, paddock or quality parameters, warehoused and buyer contracts.
  • Save your favourite price searches.
  • Discover price information whenever and wherever you want.
  • Receive push notifications so you know when your offer has been accepted or auto-matched in CropConnect. 
  • Preferred buyers can confidentially notify you of their counter-bid for your offered parcel.
  • Other buyers can confidentially notify you of their interest in your offered parcel.

The GrainCorp app with CropConnect is convenient, accurate and powerful. Download it here:

Ask us: we're here to help

Detailed FAQs will help you get the most out of the marketplace. Click here to access all the information you need.

Safeguard and grow simultaneously

How you can tap responsive in-house global market insights

  • Consistent performance.
  • Security of Australia’s largest ASX listed agribusiness.
  • Transparency of complete up-front cost disclosure.
  • Access to our in-house global market intel.

When you access GrainCorp’s suite of grain marketing programs, you enjoy the benefits of consistent performance, the security of Australia’s largest listed agribusiness, complete disclosure of costs and the speed and agility of 24-hour in-house trading.


Minimise your downside risk with a proven performer

Harvest-10 is a traditional pool and a proven performer for minimising your downside risk, while providing you upside participation.

Aided by the expert intel and insights from our global offices, Harvest-10 delivers market exposure and protection against downside risks.

Harvest-10 was Australia’s best performing actively-managed grain pool in 2016/17 and 2017/18, returning an average of $45/mt above harvest prices.

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